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Fat Free Samosa

$ 65.00

Buying a fat free salad dressing is not enough to keep yourself fat free. There is fat and grime (racism, sexism, discrimination based on caste and class, rich/poor comparison, fat shaming, body shaming and many other issues) in our mind and soul that needs to be eradicated. 

Book is written by Smrita Jain releasing in 2016. This is PRE-ORDER sale. 

...why samosa

Samosa being one the fattest Indian food, it represents the Indian culture in its purest form, with three corners which representing, mind, body and soul indicating the message that all three aspects of a human needs to be fat free. And a little comic fun attached to the pun itself, FAT FREE SAMOSA.


....why dressed as Indian bride

I have come to a point in my life, where my single unmarried life is being seen as my failure and as my parents failure for not being able to find a good match for me because of many of my shortcomings, one being, that I am fat!


...why holding a brown board like a homeless on the street

I realized while looking for a partner for myself, education, talent and being both family and career oriented and being a good and sound character is not enough and the fact for about 80 of the men, these things don’t even list on their wish list. I was made to feel that having everything in life, I am still a beggar with nothing with me.


...why Grand Central Terminal Lights, camera, action!

More than Times Square or the Statue of Liberty, I feel Grand Central Terminal has the real vibe, thrust and poise of the New Yorkers. The terminal encompasses, from rich to poor, from tourists to busiest professionals to outrageously pricey food to people’s ignorance towards someone else.


...why myself on the cover

It is my story, my family, my experiences, my mistakes and lessons that I learned. And even though I could have hired a model and let her face all the embarrassment standing at the terminal like a freak, I decided to make this experience as mine.



Concept, Art and Creative Direction: 
Smrita Jain, Lead Designer, The Aquario Group LLC,

Photographer: Michael Fiske, Michael Fiske Imaging,
Assistant Photographer: Maelynn Kruckow
Make up Artist: Enid Seymore
All copyrights reserved by The Aquario Group, LLC, Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design and Smrita Jain. The image cannot be modified or used outside this website without the written consent from the author of the book: Fat Free Samosa, by Smrita Jain. 

Grand Central Terminal® Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Used with permission.