Surmrit Gallery of Art & Design

Usha Iyer

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Represented by Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design from 2014-15

For Usha, the details are everything! Having over 28 years’ experience post graduation in Advertising, freelance design with a studio of her own and teaching design, for Usha drawing is a release. Daily routine gives little opportunity for expression, except as inputs given to students, which she enjoys immensely too, but the true expression of Usha’s thoughts and emotions are in the drawings.

Mixing typical south Indian traditional motifs and nature in almost equal measure, playing with tonal variations and simple ink medium, Usha balances light and shade, even colour sometimes. Being an expert in calligraphy and having done a lot of manual practice of typography in the days before computers came into studios, Usha likes to work in detail with small strokes, which work into compositions of larger freehand strokes.

Working often with a thumbnail to enlarge on the board, the compositions often evolve as the drawing progresses. Currently working as a teacher of Communication Design in a leading Design school in New Delhi, India, Usha doodles constantly and hopes to, in the near future put together a diary with doodles and corresponding write-ups, as expressions of situations each drawing has been created in.

Having exhibited only privately in New Delhi, Usha does not claim to be an artist as design and communication play a big role in her thought process. Her drawings are an extension to the same, she feels.

Her interests include Indian classical music, embroidery, gardening and word puzzles.