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only for online exhibitions

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the volume of submission flow, we may not be able to respond to your applications right a way! So please be patient!  

Rules and Regulations:

  1. The artist must apply directly to the gallery. We do not accept submissions from relatives/friends/colleagues of the artist.
  2. We do accept submissions from art dealers.
  3. Artist must be able to provide proof that the work submitted by him/her is original and genuine. As an art gallery we perform our own art work evaluation, however, the artist must have a proof. Proof can be in the form of written records, recommendation letters from experienced authorities, newspaper/magazine publications, video recording etc.
  4. Artist must be at least 18 years of age and above.
  5. A minimum of 5 artworks must be submitted.

Following work qualifies for gallery representation:
We accept,
Paintings - Any medium 
Graphic PostersFilm

What to submit and how:
Please make sure all the items mentioned below are submitted as part of your application. 

Note: This is your checklist.

  1. Detailed CV/Bio (PDF document only, word documents will not be accepted). Make sure to send complete contact details (address, phone number, email, website)
  2. A separate PDF document with following details
    1. Title of each artwork
    2. Actual size information (in inches) of each artwork
    3. Information about each artwork whether it is framed or not-framed
    4. Value (set by the artist) of each artwork. However, it will be gallery’s final decision to set the price of the artwork
    5. Description/medium of each artwork (watercolor, mixed media, pencil, oil etc.)
    6. The story/synopsis behind the collection of the work (artist’s thoughts, ideas, concepts, inspiration, etc.)
    7. Hi-res images of the work. Each work must have a unique title. Make sure that each artwork is photographed at 90 Degree angle with a white background. (Hi-res Jpeg format only)
    8. The photographs of the work must match the actual color of the artwork. They must look neat and professional. Scans of the work are also accepted.
    9. Hi-res portrait of the artist, (Jpeg format only)

Send all submissions to

In order to qualify your checklist must be complete. Not all applications submitted guarantee the acceptance and gallery representation. We believe in equal opportunity. The gallery directors/partners will make the final decision.

After sending all the necessary documents, the gallery directors will review your application and a formal decision will be sent through email.

There is no application fee.