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Smrita Jain

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Having done 3 years of undergraduate study in Political Science, Smrita chose a career where her inner passion of drawing and creative thinking came together in one profession—Design. Smrita completed her second undergrad - B.A. in Graphic Design from Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi, India. Along with her studies, she worked with an advertising and design agency in New Delhi for a year. Inspired by her father’s lessons “Keep learning and never stop” she joined Pratt Institute, New York for pursuing MS in Communications Design and Photography. During her years in Pratt, she worked with many design professionals in New York and gained experience in typography, environmental signage and branding. She is a multi-faceted artist and her work includes photography, painting, and writing.

Smrita loves to explore different places and is very keen on working as a cultural documenter, using any medium possible. She currently works in one of the Top 10 PR agency in New York as a Designer. 

‘Who and what’ inspires her?

Georges Seurat
Frederic W. Goudy
Saul Bass
Emily Dickinson
Shirin Neshat
Reza Abedini
Karim Rashid
Her professors at Pratt and in India
Music Color - Green
Her friends and family.