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Sarah Ahmad

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Sarah Ahmad’s Art work connects her and the viewer to architecture, buildings and forms, something she has always admired and thus based her work upon. The world she creates through her drawings, is real, and yet brings fantasy, it intermingles the playful spirit in us with the forms we live in, things that exist and an abstracted view of the same.

Her work which is created by free hand line drawings includes abstract sculptural buildings, trains and bridges, three dimensional with simple lines, old built houses with new age forms and a view of urban life and cityscapes. The medium is pen and ink, dry pastel and other media on paper.

The black and white in most of her art works is a depiction of colourful lands and lively cityscapes. The concept itself adds colour, thus a simple black and white palette just paints an outline to the theme.

Sarah Ahmad, an artist and Interior Designer, began her journey with the art world at a young age- colour, form, paint and pattern being an integral part of this journey.

Her mother being an artist and designer has been an inspiration, guide and mentor through every stage of her life. She was always drawn to help her mother as a child, painting a pot or two, washing the brushes, moving and re-painting furniture, thus art being a vital part of everyday life.

Sarah completed her Bachelors in Interior Design in the year 2006 from the Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi, India. Her apprenticeship of six months took her into an architectural firm where she also assisted on several exhibition and retail design projects.

After the completion of her apprenticeship she went to live and work in Dubai for a year. Dubai’s growing infrastructure was an education in itself along with her work as an Interior Designer with the SS Lootah group firm, Home Gallery.

After moving back to India from Dubai in 2008 she joined her mother’s gallery and design firm Brickroad- Art & Interiors. Sarah has worked on several projects as an Interior Designer and artist. She has also worked as a writer and stylist with several interior design publications like Casaviva, Elle Decor and Livingetc in India.

Her inspiration comes from artists like Salvador Dali, Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and MF Husain. She is also influenced by the works of the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Interior designer Nate Berkus. Diverse people, cultures, their architecture, thoughts and the coming together of all in one life is what her work embodies.