Surmrit Gallery of Art & Design


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What does Surmrit mean?

There is a secret behind this name and how it came to evolve and that makes people even more inquisitive. We like that! But the letters SUR means rhythm and the letters MRIT means dead. If one can create rhythm and bring life to something that is dead, that is SURMRIT. 


What brought the idea came to life?

Love and passion for art and design. 


Where is it situated?

Surmrit Gallery was the first private art gallery opened in Newport, Jersey City, NJ. It has since relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Surmrit Gallery is located at ​9101 Shore Road #605 Brooklyn, New York 11209 with its headquarters in Manhattan at 80 Broad Street, 5th Floor. The gallery has been acquired by The Aquario Group and operates as an art division of The Aquario Group.


What is the mission of the gallery?

To give emerging artists an international platform to showcase there work and connect with art collectors and buyers from around the world.


Who/What inspires Surmrit?

MOMA, New York

Rubin Museum of Art, New York

Louvre Museum, Paris

Works by:
Georges, Seurat, Claude Monet, Michael Angelo, Karim Rashid


Can I visit the gallery?

Sure, you can! Go to the top of the page, click VISIT US or go the bottom of the page and click CONTACT US and schedule an appointment.