Surmrit Gallery of Art & Design

Celebrating 3rd Anniversary, September 11, 2013

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Everything Art! is the new tag-line of Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design. That being said, gallery celebrates its 3rd birthday on September 11, 2013. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SURMRIT!

Aligning with the dynamics of today’s world, Surmrit Gallery has involved into a global network, currently maintaining its major clientele in USA and India. Aquario Group has now acquired it. The official declaration of the merger has been announced. The collaboration will raise the business of art to new heights and it will not only help build a good clientele but also add diverse spectrum of art, design and business.

What to expect in the following year-

Introducing for the first time, Art Programs and classes by renowned artists in New York and workshops through out the world. We are moving forward by creating a platform for the artists represented by the gallery to SHARE their talent among the young and bright students that represent the future of the art and design world. As for the initial plans classes will be held in New York. We are also working in collaborating with art and design schools in India to hold workshops. More exhibitions and art fair participation world wide. With immense success at the Javits Center Contemporary Art Fair in Oct. 2012, the gallery will be more active when it comes to art fair participation. And not limited to New York. So stay tuned and keep an eye out! As the gallery co-founder and director, I thank everyone for being supportive for so many years and I hope that as the gallery grows and expands its activities we continue to get your support and wishes.