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Looking Back and Leaning Forward

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Before we recap all our achievements and events of 2012 and our future plans, we would like to thank all the art lovers who have appreciated and "liked" our Facebook page, making our page pumping with excitement and full of positive energy! You all make great art appraisals in many ways with your comments on our posts and we are very thankful for that.

Looking Back:

The year 2012 started with a visit to India Art Fair in January 2012 in New Delhi. It is one of the most prestigious art fairs in India. Take a virtual tour of the art fair here.

Our next stop was Louvre Museum in Paris, France June 2012. Louvre is one of the world's largest and oldest museum which opened its doors first in 1793 to public, now inviting nearly 8 million people to visit the museum every year.Take a peek at his visual essay

In June we revamped our website. We designed it in such a way that every artist has its own space to talk about themselves and show case their work. We also included an incredible flexible and easy to use e-commerce system for the art buyers and collectors.

In September, Louis Ebarb from Brooklyn joined the gallery. We are very proud to have his unique oil painting collection. View his work.

In August, Smrita made her first sale of her photography print 'Ganesh' to one of the top leading directors at a PR agency in New York.

In October, Ted Barr, curator from Israel invited Smrita to be part of Contemporary Art Fair at Javits Center in New York. In the same art fair, Smrita made her second sale of her original painting (AP 1/1), 'Falling Down' mixed media, to a leading interior designer in New Jersey. Watch the highlights on our YouTube Channel.

We received another invite to do a group show in a prestigious gallery in SoHo, named Soho Gallery of Digital Art. The show, 12.12.12 marked the first group show of Surmrit Gallery featuring our permanent artists, Sarah Ahmad and Tapan Lal Dhar.View program highlights, 12.12.12

Leaning Forward:

Surmrit Gallery's collection comprises more than 70 paintings, photographs and prints and we look forward in adding more from artists around the world. We plan to start the year 2013 with the launch of our first annual magazine "Art Aficionado". The magazine will be on sale through our website once it is released by end of January. It will showcase artists work, articles and interviews and much more.

In March the gallery is joining hands with Ground Arts a non-profit organization, for raising funds for poor children living in New York by donating the paintings. Auction details are to follow.

We look forward to our group show, "Trinity" on September 11, 2013; celebrating three years of union - a unity of body, mind and spirit. It will be one of the biggest events hosted by Surmrit Gallery and we look forward to your presence. Program details are to follow.

We have many other programs adjoining the above mentioned programs. Like our Facebook page and stay informed!

Because of unforeseen death of Surmrit's family member this year we are closing our shop for holidays from this week onwards. We will try our best to answer all your questions and inquiries in timely fashion. We will re-open our shop on 7th January, 2013.

Until then we wish everyone happy holidays and a safe new year! - From the office of the Co-founders and Directors of Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design.